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AT 4038 / AT 4538

Course Co-ordinator: Dr A Whitehouse

Pre-requisite(s): Available only to students in Programme Year 4, as part of an MA programme in Anthropology or, as disciplinary breadth, at the discretion of the course co-ordinator.

Note(s): This course will be available in the second half-session of 2012/13 as AT 4538.

The course is focussed on relations between humans and nonhumans, particularly animals and plants. A range of disciplinary approaches will be explored, including history, cultural geography, natural science and science and technology studies, as well as anthropology. The course will involve advanced themes in environmental anthropology and will examine research that has emerged during the recent 'more-than-human' trend in the social sciences and humanities. Topics covered will include the role of the more-than-human in the development of social theory, hunting and its rituals, science and the politics and ethics of the nonhuman, nonhumans in art and the media, how humans perceive nonhumans and the wider implications of a more-than-human anthropology.

1 one-hour lecture and 1 one-hour tutorial per week.

1st Attempt: Continuous assessment (100%): essay, 3,000 words (30%); tutorial review, ten 300 words (30%); project, 4,000 words (40%).