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Undergraduate Legal Studies 2021-2022


30 credits

Level 4

First Sub Session

The aim of this course is to introduce students to American constitutional law through the study of landmark Supreme Court decisions on controversial moral issues. The material on the course will be organised in relation to broad themes that will enable students to develop and refine their understanding of major issues in American Constitutional Law. The themes include abortion; homosexuality and same-sex marriage; freedom of religion; affirmative action. The course will also help students to familiarise themselves with the main approaches to constitutional interpretation.  


30 credits

Level 4

Second Sub Session

Planning Law: its decision making, practice and plans: Scotland, UK and international comparators.

A seminar based course on UK planning law. Planning or getting planning permission is regarded a risk factor in high profile projects, yet it brings together the regulation of design , development, social environmental, economic issues. Planning  is at the forefront of public participation and community engagement  and often has a political dimension.

This course will examine planning in context and its policy directions by the UK government. Multiple planning Acts have been augmented by case law and this will be considered under key topics of plans, planning permissions, sustainable development , community engagement conservation of the natural and built environment and  planning for large infrastructure  and master planning. A case study approach will be adopted with extensive UK examples and international comparators.

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