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Course Overview

During this second placement, students will further develop their professional practice, while taking full responsibility for the teaching of classes.  Capacities and skills that enable them to prepare, plan, and implement learning, teaching, assessment and evaluation of learners' learning will be enhanced.  They will investigate a range of wider aspects of school life through completion of school-based study tasks, including the prior learning experiences of learners and the progression of learning.  A small-scale professional enquiry project will be undertaken relevant to the setting, and linked to the context of the School Experience placement. 

Course Details

Study Type Undergraduate Level 4
Session Second Sub Session Credit Points 30 credits (15 ECTS credits)
Campus None. Sustained Study No
  • Dr David Smith

Qualification Prerequisites


What courses & programmes must have been taken before this course?

  • Either ED452A Learning and Teaching in Schools: Developing Prof Practice 2 (PGDE) (Studied) or Bachelor of Music with Honours (Education) (Studied)
  • One of PGDE Biology & Chemistry (Studied) or PGDE Biology with Science (Studied) or PGDE Secondary Chemistry and Biology with Science (Studied) or PGDE Chemistry & Physics (Studied) or Pgde Chemistry & Physics With Science (Studied) or PGDE Chemistry with Science (Studied) or Pgde Biology & Chemistry With Science (Studied) or PGDE Physics with Science (Studied) or PGDE Geography & History (Studied) or PGDE Geography & Modern Studies (Studied) or PGDE Geography (Studied) or PGDE Mathematics & Computing (Studied) or PGDE Mathematics (Studied) or PGDE Computing & Mathematics (Studied) or PGDE Computing (Studied) or PGDE Technological Education (Studied) or PGDE Business Education & Comp (Studied) or PGDE Business Education (Studied) or PGDE Home Economics (Studied) or PGDE English & Gaelic (Studied) or PGDE English & French (Studied) or PGDE English & German (Studied) or PGDE English & History (Studied) or PGDE English & Modern Studies (Studied) or PGDE English & Drama (Studied) or PGDE English (Studied) or PGDE Gaelic & Geography P/T (Studied) or PGDE Gaelic Part Time (Studied) or PGDE Gaelic & English (Studied) or PGDE Gaelic & French (Studied) or PGDE Gaelic & German (Studied) or PGDE Gaelic & Spanish (Studied) or PGDE Gaelic & History (Studied) or PGDE Gaelic & Modern Studies (Studied) or PGDE Gaelic (Studied) or PGDE French & English (Studied) or PGDE French & Gaelic (Studied) or PGDE French & German (Studied) or PGDE French & Spanish (Studied) or PGDE French (Studied) or PGDE German & French (Studied) or PGDE German & English (Studied) or PGDE German & Gaelic (Studied) or PGDE German & Spanish (Studied) or PGDE German & History (Studied) or PGDE German (Studied) or PGDE Spanish & Gaelic (Studied) or PGDE Spanish (Studied) or PGDE (Secondary) Mandarin (Studied) or PGDE History - Geography (Studied) or PGDE History & English (Studied) or PGDE History & Gaelic (Studied) or Professional Graduate Diploma in Edu Sec in History & Modern Stud (Studied) or PGDE History (Studied) or PGDE Religious & Moral Education (Studied) or PGDE Modern Studies & Geography (Studied) or PGDE Modern Studies & English (Studied) or PGDE Modern Studies & Gaelic (Studied) or PGDE Modern Studies & History (Studied) or PGDE Modern Studies (Studied) or Professional Graduate Diploma In Education Music (Studied) or PGDE Drama & English (Studied) or PGDE Drama (Studied) or PGDE (Adult Literacies) (Studied) or Bachelor of Music with Honours (Education) (Studied)

What other courses must be taken with this course?


What courses cannot be taken with this course?


Are there a limited number of places available?


Course Description

The course is split as follows to allow for consolidation on campus between each part:
  • 'Developing Teaching' for 4 weeks
  • 'Transition to Teaching' 5 weeks.
Classroom Practice in subjects continues as indicated in School Experience 1. In addition students will participate in and contribute to the development and/or delivery of their specialist professional topic of study. School-based study includes a programme of wider aspects of school and school-based study tasks, which follow up topics introduced in the LTS programme during semester 2.

Associated Costs

Students will travel expenses for school placements in accordance with the guidance provided in the Partnership Unit Handbook available on MyAberdeen.

Further Information & Notes

A PVG check is mandatory for all students on this course.

Degree Programmes for which this Course is Prescribed

  • Bachelor of Music with Honours (Education)
  • Non-Graduating Student in Education Erasmus
  • PGDE (Secondary) Mandarin
  • PGDE Biology & Chemistry
  • PGDE Biology with Science
  • PGDE Business Education
  • PGDE Business Education & Comp
  • PGDE Chemistry & Physics
  • PGDE Chemistry with Science
  • PGDE Computing
  • PGDE Computing & Mathematics
  • PGDE Drama
  • PGDE Drama & English
  • PGDE English
  • PGDE English & Drama
  • PGDE English & French
  • PGDE English & Gaelic
  • PGDE English & German
  • PGDE English & History
  • PGDE English & Modern Studies
  • PGDE French
  • PGDE French & English
  • PGDE French & Gaelic
  • PGDE French & German
  • PGDE French & Spanish
  • PGDE French with Mandarin
  • PGDE Gaelic
  • PGDE Gaelic & English
  • PGDE Gaelic & French
  • PGDE Gaelic & German
  • PGDE Gaelic & History
  • PGDE Gaelic & Modern Studies
  • PGDE Gaelic & Spanish
  • PGDE Geography
  • PGDE Geography & History
  • PGDE Geography & Modern Studies
  • PGDE German
  • PGDE German & English
  • PGDE German & French
  • PGDE German & Gaelic
  • PGDE German & History
  • PGDE German & Spanish
  • PGDE History
  • PGDE History & English
  • PGDE History & Gaelic
  • PGDE History - Geography
  • PGDE Home Economics
  • PGDE Mathematics
  • PGDE Mathematics & Computing
  • PGDE Modern Studies
  • PGDE Modern Studies & English
  • PGDE Modern Studies & Gaelic
  • PGDE Modern Studies & Geography
  • PGDE Modern Studies & History
  • PGDE Physics with Science
  • PGDE Religious & Moral Education
  • PGDE Secondary Chemistry and Biology with Science
  • PGDE Secondary Physics and Chemistry with Science
  • PGDE Spanish
  • PGDE Spanish & Gaelic
  • PGDE Technological Education
  • Pgde Biology & Chemistry With Science
  • Pgde Chemistry & Physics With Science
  • Professional Graduate Diploma In Education Music
  • Professional Graduate Diploma in Edu Sec in History & Modern Stud

Contact Teaching Time

Sorry, we don't have that information available.

Teaching Breakdown


1st Attempt: Summative tutor observed lesson in the first four week block, a school report from the first four week block, and school observations allowing the completion of an exit profile for SITE. Resit: At the discretion of the exam board, students may be allowed one 5 week re-sit period in September of the following academic year.

Formative Assessment




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