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Undergraduate Bio-Business 2017-2018


10 credits

Level 1

Second Sub Session

  • this course will provide you with a flavour of the ways in which scientific ideas can be commercialised;
  • the main aim of this course is to introduce you to the language of business and demystify some of the jargon that surrounds business models, intellectual property rights and finance;
  • this is the first in a 3 course option (year 1 or 2, year 3 and year 4) that can lead to you obtaining your BSc in a discipline of Medical Science with Bio-Business and open up a whole new range of career options for you


15 credits

Level 3

Second Sub Session

  • this course builds on the basic information provided in the introductory course (BT1502);
  • the business models used by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry are explained and discussed;
  • the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and the basis of freedom to operate are described;
  • the basics of setting up a technology led business and how to finance this are also developed


20 credits

Level 4

Second Sub Session

  • this is the final course of 3 on Bio-Business and deals in depth with finance, corporate governance and business models;
  • the major assessment involves the students working together in teams to set up a virtual bio-business and to pitch this business to a group of experts in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector;
  • the team will adopt the roles of senior management team and present to the experts their part of the business

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