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Course Overview

This course includes three key components where chemistry is fundamental to upstream and downstream oil and gas transport and processing. In this course, you will learn about general pipeline flow assurance, and risks related to the chemistries of waxes, resins, asphaltenes, gas hydrates and scales. Chemical strategies for managing flow assurance are discussed. Processes involved in converting oil to valuable fuels and chemicals are investigated. These include: distillation, coking, cracking, hydrotreatment and reforming. Natural gas utilisation including transport, processing and conversion to upgraded products is also covered, to give an overview of chemistry in the oil and gas industry.

Course Details

Study Type Postgraduate Level 5
Session Second Sub Session Credit Points 15 credits (7.5 ECTS credits)
Campus Aberdeen Sustained Study No
  • Dr Panagiotis Kechagiopoulos

What courses & programmes must have been taken before this course?

  • Any Postgraduate Programme

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Course Description

The course will begin with a brief review of the key chemical concepts relevant to oil and gas production: energy and thermodynamics, reaction rates, structure and reactivity of different types of compounds and materials. This will be followed by a discussion of the chemical processes taking place in a modern refinery, the chemistry of natural gas utilisation and consideration of future options for natural gas utilisation. The role of chemistry in developing enhanced oil and gas recovery methods will be outlined, followed by consideration of some environmental aspects of oil and gas production, and the issue of carbon capture.

Contact Teaching Time

Information on contact teaching time is available from the course guide.

Teaching Breakdown

  • 1 Lecture during University weeks 26 - 30, 32 - 35, 39 - 40
  • 1 Tutorial during University weeks 26 - 30, 32 - 35, 39 - 40

More Information about Week Numbers

Summative Assessments

Online test (Mark Law) (20%)

Online test (Alan Mccue & Jeff Gomes) (40%)

Online test (Panos Kechagiopoulos & Alan Mccue) (40%)


Re-sit of only the failed assessment component(s)

Formative Assessment

There are no assessments for this course.

Course Learning Outcomes

Knowledge LevelThinking SkillOutcome
FactualRememberILO’s for this course are available in the course guide.

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