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Course Overview

This introductory course will trace major developments in the history of art in the western world from Classical art and architecture in ancient Greece to the beginnings of photography in the nineteenth century.  Aspects of European art to be explored, through painting, prints, sculpture and architecture, will range from the Classicism of Greece and Rome to the rise of the Medieval Gothic cathedrals, the rebirth of Classicism in the Renaissance to the grandeur of the Baroque and the ornament of the Rococo, and the revolutionary order of Neo-Classicism to the imagination and emotion of Romanticism.

Course Details

Study Type Undergraduate Level 1
Session First Sub Session Credit Points 15 credits (7.5 ECTS credits)
Campus None. Sustained Study No
  • Dr Mary Pryor
  • Dr Luke Uglow

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Course Description

This course is organised around a pre-selected sequence of times and countries (eg. Italy 1400) in which key developments in art history took place. These are presented each week in chronological fashion and extend from art and architecture in ancient Greece to  the mid-nineteenth century. Tutorials are closely related to the lectures, providing students with the opportunity to explore specific works in detail.

Further Information & Notes

Students intending to follow the History of Art programme at Honours level must take two of the three Level 1 courses offered.

Degree Programmes for which this Course is Prescribed


Contact Teaching Time

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Teaching Breakdown


1st Attempt: 1 two-hour written examination (50%); continuous assessment (50%: 1 essay of 1,000 words at 30% and computer assignment at 20%). Resit: 1 two-hour examination (100%). NB All coursework must have been submitted.

Formative Assessment

Open door policy of all staff involved in course. Essay marking and return; responses in class; online quizzes; responses in class discussions.



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