Enhanced Study

Enhanced Study

What can I study alongside Psychology?

At Aberdeen, Psychology can be studied with many other subjects, leading to several different degrees. The content of the Psychology courses is identical in these different degrees: the range and extent of the subjects you study alongside Psychology will determine the degree you undertake.

In the first two years of all our Psychology degrees, Psychology takes up one half of your study, and you choose one or two other ‘outside’ subjects to study alongside it. So, it is important that you consider the broader range of subjects you might like to take before you arrive (see the Catalogue of courses).

Joint-Degree programmes

At Aberdeen you are also able to study Psychology as Joint-Degree programmes.

  • A degree of Psychology with Counselling
  • Joint MA degrees with Anthropology, Economics, Legal Studies, Management Studies, Philosophy and Sociology.
  • There are also BSc and MA Combined Honours degrees in Psychology with Gaelic Studies, French or German.
  • Non-BPS accredited 4 year single and joint Honours degrees are available in Behavioural studies, which covers theory in Psychology but omits formal treatment of statistics and methodology.