The School Degree Programmes

The School Degree Programmes

MA in Psychology and BSc in Psychology

Our Master of Arts (MA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees are fully accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and students who graduate with these degrees can become graduate members of the BPS.

The Psychology element of either programme is exactly the same and they are both equally valued as Psychology degrees. The only real difference is the subjects that you take alongside psychology in first two years of the degree.

  • MA students have typically done arts and humanities subjects at school. Within the MA you will be able to take any arts course (e.g., sociology, philosophy, languages) and any science courses that you have the pre-requisites for (many of the science courses require you to have e.g., biology at higher/A-Level).
  • BSc students typically have school qualifications in science subjects and do subjects like maths, biology and chemistry alongside psychology in the first 2 years.

So whether you're doing an MA or a BSc will depend on what subjects you did to a higher Level at school (as A levels or Highers) and this affects what other courses you can take alongside psychology.