The School of Psychology encourages its staff and students to participate in a variety of events which enable members of the public to learn about the research that is done here.

The flagship public engagement event for the School is the annual Anderson Lecture, which showcases the latest thinking in psychology. The lecture was established by the University to honour it’s Anderson Chair in Psychology, one of the oldest Psychology chairs in the UK which was founded in 1896 at the bequest of Reverend William Anderson.

With the help of the University’s Public Engagement with Research Unit , staff from our School organise events that showcase their work at science and research festivals in the area, such as Explorathon, TechWeek, British Science Week or the May Festival, as well as meet-the-scientist style events such as Café Scientifique.  On the news section of our website you are able to see upcoming as well as past events.

Several members of the staff are STEM ambassadors , regularly participating in local events aimed at enthusing young people about careers in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Members of the public may also find it stimulating to engage with psychology by actively participating in some of our research. The School has a participant panel of people from the local area, who are happy to be invited to do experiments. Some individual research groups also maintain their own panels of people who are interested only in a particular experiments, for example, on brain activity recorded with EEG or on eye movements. If you would like to become a volunteer and join the School participant panel, please get in touch with our research secretary Ms Carolyn Porter.

Finally, if you are organising an event and would like to involve psychology experts, please contact our School administrator Mrs Rhona Moore. She will point you towards the most suitable person in our School who can help you.