Student Experiences

Student Experiences

The personal and academic experiences of some of our postgraduate students, past and present:

MSc Psychological Studies

Joshua Bugg tells us what attracted him to our psychology conversion programme and how the skills he has learned on the programme will help him in his future career

MRes Psychology - Student Experience

Teodor Nikolov tells us more about the individual research project undertaken as part of the MRes Psychology and the support available to students throughout the programme.

Stuart Thomson - MSc Psychological Studies

Why did you choose to study your postgraduate degree at the University of Aberdeen?

Having grown up nearby in Elgin, and lived in Aberdeen some time ago, I still had friends in the City. Added to the fact that I’ve always held the University of Aberdeen in high esteem this seemed like a great move for me. I was also lucky enough to find a course that suited my interest perfectly at the time. I had been running a business in Edinburgh for a long time previously and so was now ready for a change and to get my life back!

What has been your favourite part of your degree so far?

Studying a postgraduate degree is quite different to an undergraduate experience, far more of a challenge. For a while there, in the first semester, we were required to hand in coursework on a weekly basis and everything you do counts towards your GPA. I am someone who likes to be busy, so I suppose I have actually enjoyed this, whereas not everyone on the course feels the same!

What have you enjoyed most about living in Aberdeen?

For me, outside of uni, it has definitely been reconnecting with old friends and family. I have an 18-year-old niece who started first year at RGU the same time as me starting this degree, so it has been fun sharing the experience with her. I have also taken advantage of the geographical location to visit beaches, small towns and to climb the odd hill.

What are you doing for your research project and why did you pick this topic?

My research topic is based around non-verbal behaviours and our ability to communicate them through different modes; either static or dynamic images. There is a healthy interest in this field professionally, but personally as we have increased bandwidth at our fingertips, I find it interesting to look at the implications of moving away from still photographs.

What do you hope to do once you finish your degree?

After this degree I would like to continue in academia, so probably another single year masters, possibly followed by a PhD. There’s a high chance I will continue at the University of Aberdeen, we will see.

Andreea-Ioana Dragusin - MRes Psychology

What do you enjoy most about your experience at the University of Aberdeen? 

The most incredible experience at the University of Aberdeen is meeting people from all over the world. I am most grateful for the fact that I have gained so much knowledge and appreciation for a multitude of nationalties and cultures.

What is it like living in Aberdeen? What do you enjoy most about the City?

I have been living in Aberdeen for more than 4 years now and I still discover new places around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. The city is quite compact and it has a lot to offer. 

How do you think your Mres will help you in your career? 

I believe the masters programme is designed in a way that it develops a wode range of skills that will all contribute to our future career. The most important part of the master is the research compnent which provides you with the opportunity to take full leadership on a project and to know how to manage your time and tasks, while building resilience all throughout the process. 

What advice would you give to others considering doing an MRes at the University of Aberdeen?

Take advantage of the seminars, workshops, tutorials offered by the department as well as the wider university. Some will come in handy and you will also get to meet new people interested in research as well. You should also find some activities to balance your studies, be it a sport or one of the many student societies (over 140!). 

Pauliina Vuorinen - MRes Psychology

Why did you choose to study at the University of Aberdeen?

I chose to study at the University of Aberdeen because of the breadth of experience in the School of Psychology.

What do you enjoy most about your experience at the University of Aberdeen?

I have enjoyed the atmosphere in the University of Aberdeen the most. The School of Psychology is accepting and encouraging of new postgraduates and the staff is genuinely interested in students' opinios and ideas. Also, the atmosphere in the University in general is upbeat and welcoming.

How do you think your MRes will help you in your career?

I aspire to be a professional researcher and MRes can provide me with the necessary skills to commence doctoral study. The courses are very relelvant for what I want to do in the future ranging from professional research skills such as giving a giving a talk in a confernce and grant writing to advance ed statistical methods and usage of statisical programming tools such as R and Matlab. The degree has also given me practice in giving presentations for a professional audiance and I have had the possibilities to attend events and exchnge ideas with researchers. While Ihave increased mt technical skills, MRes has also enchanced my confidence in conducting research and networking.  

What advice would you give to others considering doing an MRes at the University of Aberdeen? 

I can receommend MRes for anyone considering a career in research, and I would advise them to try finding an area of research that they feel passionate about. 

Matthew Johnson - MSc Psychological Studies

Why did you choose to study at the University of Aberdeen?

First and foremost, I had heard that the psychology depatment had a good reputation. I did some research of my own online and looked at the lecturers' profiles on the University of Aberdeen School of Psychology profile page.

I also looked at the course content and what would be taught and how it would be structured. I thought that each module sounded interesting and after a visit to the campus and a meeting with Dr David Sutherland (programme coordinator), I concluded that this was the course for me. 

What do you enjoy most about your experience at the Unviersity of Aberdeen?

For myself the course has been the most enjoyable element of my experience here at Aberdeen. 

The lecturers and tutors are very approacable/accessible and enthusiastic too, which has made it so easy for me to enjoy myself studying. Outside of the course, the library facilities have been a joy to use. 

What is it like living in Aberdeen? What do you enjoy about living in the City?

The beach is a lovely commodity and is super close to the city centre. Personally though, the countryside is more my thing. Seaton Park is just off campus and is a lovely walk on a sunny day!

What advice would you give to others considering doing an MSc at the University of Aberdeen?

My advice to any that wish to study here is simply 'make the most of it', take the opportunities that are given to you and be prepared to work hard. if you do this, you will not be disappointed.