The MRes degree programme is designed to provide you with a thorough grounding in the skills required for a career in psychological research. You will gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of particular theoretical perspectives, research methods, experimental designs and statistical procedures.

During the course of conducting your own research project, you will develop the ability to critically assess your own data and hypotheses. By the end of the course, you will have acquired expertise in advanced research design and methodology; in addition, you will have equipped yourself with transferable, employment-related skills such as project management, presentation skills and interview preparation.

Components of the MRes Course

The MRes course consists of 6 taught modules (20 credits each) and one research module (60 credits). The MRes course lasts the duration of 12 months, with the taught courses covering the first and second half teaching sessions:

Introduction to the Postgraduate Process (PS5008)

This course will provide an introduction to postgraduate study, including issues surrounding ethics and data protection. It will also include sessions on the history of psychology and philosophy of science.

Professional Research Skills 1 and 2 (PS5200 and PS5700)

These courses will introduce you to some of the core skills required for a career in research, including reviewing the literature, publishing webpages, preparing funding applications, disseminating your research through presentations and papers, dealing with non-academic audiences, and planning your own career route.

Advanced Research Methods and Design for Psychology 1 and 2 (PS5301 and PS5302)

These courses will provide training in advanced design and statistics, including sessions on both quantitative and qualitative techniques. Statistical techniques covered will include analysis of variance, logistic and multiple regression, confirmatory factor analysis and multidimensional scaling.

Applying Research Techniques in Psychology (PS5902)

This course will introduce you to the issues associated with conducting research with various populations including children, clinical populations, and older adults. You will also gain an understanding of the process of working in collaboration with industry, and the techniques available for collecting data over the internet.

Research Module (PS5001)

A major component of the MRes is the Research Module (PS5001). For this, you will complete your own research project, supervised by a member of staff who is an expert in the relevant field. For information about staff and the research projects they are willing to supervise, please see potential research projects.

As a research student in the Psychology Department, you will be encouraged to play an active role in the department, attending departmental seminars and presenting your own research at our weekly psycholoquia, where you will answer questions from the floor and discuss your topic of research with your peers and members of staff. You will also attend our monthly “Journal Club”, where you will discuss target papers with other postgraduates.

Assessment takes a variety of forms, including continuous evaluation of coursework and generic skills, essays, written examinations, oral and poster presentations, and the production of a thesis reporting your research project.