Dr Kevin Allan

Dr Kevin Allan
Dr Kevin Allan

Dr Kevin Allan



School of Psychology William Guild Building Room T6 Kings College Old Aberdeen AB24 3FX

Internal Memberships

I am currently the course coordinator for PS4040/PS5040 Current Topics in Psychology, and PS4041 Critical Review


Research Overview

Episodic memory and its neural basis, Cognitive decline in the elderly, Lifestyle (dietary) effects upon memory and cognition, psychometric and neural biomarkers of dementia

Current Research

  • Biomarkers of dementia
  • High-fat and sugar (the 'western diet') effects on episodic memory
  • Self-reference effects in memory
  • Electrophysiological (ERP, EEG-based connectivity) correlates of memory
  • Cognitive adaptations within episodic memory

Teaching Responsibilities

I currently teach on PS4040/PS5040 Current Topics in Psychology, PS4041 Critical Review, as well as 3rd year methods, and supervise 4th year honours projects


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