Dr Jacqui Hutchison

Dr Jacqui Hutchison

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work +44 (0)1224 273066
The University of Aberdeen School of Psychology William Guild Building Room F14 Kings College Old Aberdeen AB24 3FX   
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Research Interests

My research interests lie in cultural evolution (how information changes as it is transmitted from person to person), with a view to examining the social and cognitive factors underpinning stereotype formation and maintenance as well as an interest in stereotypes more generally. I am also a member of The Self Lab with Dr Sheila Cunningham (Abertay University) and Dr Josephine Ross (Dundee University), where our focus is on understanding self-processing biases in both children and adults.


Teaching Responsibilities

PS2018/PS2518 Practical Workshops

PS2017/PS2517 Workshops

PS3015/PS3522 Group Practical Projects

PS3520 Tutorials

PS4030/PS4036/PS4530/PS4536 Critical Reviews

MSc Psychological Studies Tutorials



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Admin Responsibilities

PS1009/PS1509 Course Cordinator

Member of Undergraduate Committee



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