Dr Jasna Martinovic

Dr Jasna Martinovic

Senior Lecturer

Dr Jasna Martinovic
Dr Jasna Martinovic

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 272240
The University of Aberdeen School of Psychology University of Aberdeen William Guild Building Room F13 Aberdeen AB24 3FX UK
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Current Research

  • visual object representation
  • colour vision
  • perceptual organisation
  • tuning of visual attention to colour, depth, luminance
  • object-based attention

Teaching Responsibilities


  • PS3012: Perception
  • MU3050: Music and the Brain


  • PS3014: Biological Psychology
  • MU3050: Music and the Brain
  • PS3015/PS3522: Methodology A
  • PS5015: Matlab; Project Management
Further Info

External Responsibilities

AVA Secretary

UCU departmental representative

Admin Responsibilities

  • Course co-coordinator for MU3050 "Music and the Brain"
  • Course coordinator for PS3012 "Perception"
  • SONA / Participant Panel coordinator
  • Workplace Behaviour Champion


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