Dr Eunice Fernandes

Dr Eunice Fernandes

Research Fellow

Dr Eunice Fernandes
Dr Eunice Fernandes

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 274457
The University of Aberdeen School of Psychology
T15, William Guild Building
University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen, AB24 2UB


In 2015 I got PhD in Cognitive Science. My research comprised several visually situated language understanding eye-tracking experiments, and I was supervised by Professors Armanda Costa (University of Lisbon), Moreno Coco and Holly Branigan (the University of Edinburgh). The main topic of my research was syntactic priming.

During 2016 I was a post-doctoral researcher at Université Paris Diderot, where I ran new eye-tracking and questionnaire experiments to investigate language comprehension, namely, ambiguous pronoun resolution in Brazilian and European Portuguese.

In 2017, as an external collaborator at the University of Lisbon, I joined new research projects investigating ‘Visual Search in Ageing’ (with Miguel Borges and Moreno Coco), and ‘Sentence Production in Cross-modal processing of Visual Scenes’ (with Manabu Arai, Moreno Coco and Frank Keller). 

From January 2019 I am a Research Fellow at the university of Aberdeen, where I integrated the ESRC project ‘Social Attention and Ageing’ (https://www.socialattentionesrc.co.uk) led by Professors Louise Phillips and Ben Tatler. The project investigates age differences in following eye gaze employing eye-tracking methods, using novel manipulations and extending this research to complex social scenes. 


Research Interests

Integration of visual and linguistic information, scene viewing, ageing, gaze following, (probabilistic) language comprehension, ambiguity resolution, cross-linguistic differences in language processing, bilingualism.