Dr Ramakrishna Chakravarthi

Dr Ramakrishna Chakravarthi
Dr Ramakrishna Chakravarthi

Dr Ramakrishna Chakravarthi



School of Psychology

William Guild Building Room S7

Kings College

Old Aberdeen AB24 3FX

Internal Memberships

  • Director of Communications team and member of marketing team
  • PS3524 (Cognitive Neuroscience) course coordinator
  • Member of Equality and Diversity team
  • Organiser of Perception and Attention group meetings

Research Overview

  • Neural mechanisms in visual perception, numerosity and attention
  • Object recognition: crowding and categorisation
  • Time perception
  • Intentionality and visual awareness

Teaching Responsibilities

Level 1:
  1. Introductory Psychology II: Evolutionary Psychology module
  2. Introduction to Biological Sciences: Consciousness module
Level 2:   Perception
Level 3:
  1. Methodology: Semester long research projects (5-6 students each semester)
  2. Cognitive Neuroscience
  3. Level 3 Perception tutorials
Level 4:
  1. Senior honours (research-based) thesis (6-7 students each year)
  2. Sixth Century Course on Consciousness (Levels 3 and 4)
  3. Critical Review
  1. MRes Bayesian Statistics
  2. MSc Statistics tutorials
  3. MRes and MSc thesis supervision
   PhD Supervision

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  • Can anticipating distractors influence visual object recognition accuracy?

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    Contributions to Conferences: Abstracts
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  • Category effect in visual crowding = feature differences + overlap differences

    Reuther, J., Chakravarthi, R.
    The Scottish Vision Group (SVG) Meeting 2015, pp. 20
    Contributions to Conferences: Abstracts
  • Higher-level effects in crowding falter when low-level attributes are controlled for

    Reuther, J., Chakravarthi, R.
    38th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP) 2015 Liverpool, pp. 182-183
    Contributions to Conferences: Abstracts
  • The Bouma law of crowding, revised: Critical spacing is equal across parts, not objects

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    Contributions to Journals: Articles
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    Contributions to Journals: Articles
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  • For whom the bell tolls: periodic reactivation of sensory cortex in the gamma band as a substrate of visual working memory maintenance

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    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Evidence for categorical crowding

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    Contributions to Conferences: Abstracts
  • Conscious updating is a rhythmic process

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    Contributions to Journals: Articles


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