Professor Arash Sahraie

Professor Arash Sahraie
Professor Arash Sahraie

Professor Arash Sahraie

Chair in Psychology, Head of School of Psychology


School of Psychology, William Guild Building, Room T02/T07, Kings College, Old Aberdeen AB24 3FX

Internal Memberships

  • Head of School
  • Member of School Management Group
  • Member of Senate



Current Research

  • Non-invasive assessment of visual system
  • Blindsight research: study of conscious and unconscious visual processing after brain injury
  • Development and assessment of vision rehabilitation strategies.
  • Parameters affecting orienting behaviour: eye movements and visual attention.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Level 2: Perception
  • Level 4: Visual awareness
  • MRes: Induction; Funding sources and grant application; Writing 9-month report

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