How does inner speech work and why do we care?

How does inner speech work and why do we care?

Our minds are enriched and shaped by our experience of language.  As we go through our day, we often hear an inner speech in our mind’s ear.  Inner speech is pervasive in human cognition, playing a functional role in thinking, problem solving, working memory, reading and writing.  Yet, we know very little about what it is, how it works or why we hear it.  In this talk, I would like to share what we have learned about inner speech, particularly in silent reading of speech quotations.  I will characterise the acoustic features that are encoded in inner speech, depict the neural mechanisms that support inner speech and explore the socio-emotional consequences of hearing inner speech.  I will then end the talk with implications of our research in relation to the embodiment of language and auditory verbal hallucinations (AVHs).

Dr Bo Yao
Hosted by
School of Psychology
University of Aberdeen

Dr Chu or Ms Carolyn Porter