It helps to think of the PGR journey in different phases, each of which will require different skills. There is no standard PhD and everyone will have different development needs.

Use your Initial Skills Audit to reflect on the skills you have and those you will need in the first few months as you develop your research idea. Discuss with your supervisory team about their expectations and upcoming milestones. 

The researcher development workshops are primarily focused around core (generic and transferable) skills and so you should also explore discipline specific courses within your school.

We have developed the Researcher Roadmap [Coming Soon] to help you navigate your PhD, the milestones you are required to meet and to help you reflect on the skills you have and to make a plan for those you wish to work on.


Identify your Needs

You should review your skills with your supervisor(s) and use your Initial Skills Audit form and the Six-Monthly Review process to identify areas for development.

It can be very helpful to discuss training with your peers and colleagues, ask them what they found useful.  You may also discuss your development needs with one of the PGR School Training Team 

When to Undertake Training

When and how you undertake development activities is entirely dependent on your needs and your schedule, however, our Researcher Roadmap will help you plan based on key milestones across your research degree.

How to Book

All Researcher Development workshops can be booked through the course booking system using your UoA username and password.  Many courses are also available online if you are studying at a distance or if your schedule is busy. 

Please also read our Terms and Conditions for booking and attending courses.

If you Can't Identify a Training Opportunity you Require

If you cannot identify a suitable activity, course or workshop to meet your needs please contact the PGR School Training Team to discuss

Remember you may also be able to audit relevant taught courses that may support your training needs. Explore the Course Catalogue to identify potential courses and discuss with your supervisor.