Your PGR School

Your PGR School

Living a life that you believe to be of value

 As one of our PhD students, you should leave the University of Aberdeen with a postgraduate research degree knowing that your PhD is of value, both to you and to society.

The cornerstone of our vision is that we will ensure that your PhD will be of value, in an academic context and in making a difference to society.  

We’ll connect you with fellow students across disciplines and support your professional and career development through networking with stakeholders and employers. You’ll have opportunities to grow your skills through competitions and events, and benefit from media training and workshops in academic writing.

Our vison is based on three pillars:               

  1. Engagement

Throughout the PhD journey, we will facilitate engagement with all stakeholders in relevant research areas (for example; patient groups, policy groups, local businesses, third sector, community groups).  This will enhance awareness of the project and increase networks outside of academia thereby highlighting career opportunities. 

  1. Skills

You will not be anonymous, the University of Aberdeen is a uniquely close knit community of scholars. You will be integrated into a research unit and research skills will be nurtured at each stage.  You will have a personal roadmap at the start of your discovery journey to allow appropriate development along this journey.

  1. Wellbeing

The Aberdeen Postgraduate Research School is a family, your contributions as a will be valued, and supported throughout the journey in every aspect including your wellbeing.