The format of Years 3 and 4 assessment will vary depending upon discipline.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)

Students may find it helpful to complete the Year 3 assessment form at a formal meeting with the supervisors.

A PhD thesis should normally be submitted within 36 months (or part-time equivalent) and that, except in exceptional and extraordinary circumstances, the Postgraduate Research School will not grant an extension beyond 48 months.

Life Sciences & Medicine (LSM)

In December of your third year, you should prepare a thesis plan and discuss this in a formal meeting with your supervisors and adviser.  You will also be expected to give a twenty minute substantial presentation in a locally organised school postgraduate conference or seminar series.  You will receive feedback on your talk from the audience.

In June, you should meet formally again with your supervisors and adviser to review your thesis submission timetable.  Your thesis should be ready for submission by the 36 month final deadline for three year research programmes; by the 42 month final deadline for 3.5 year degree programmes; and, by the 48 month final deadline for four year degree programmes.

Physical Sciences (PS)

The Year 3 assessment of progress includes a review of the thesis plan and confirmation of the expected submission date.