The format of the Year 2 assessment will vary depending upon discipline.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS)

Progress is monitored at the end of your second year of research by means of a piece of work appropriate to your research project and according to the requirements of your school. In other words, the ‘Work of Assessment’ (WfA) may vary depending on the specifics of your field of research.

Life Sciences & Medicine (LSM)

Students at the end of their second year will produce a report on their work so far in the form of a research paper. It is not intended to report on all of the data collected for a PhD thesis but should represent a coherent body of work that can be presented in the style of a paper for publication.

The report will be assessed by your adviser and another member of staff (usually your first year assessor) and you will receive feedback. The report and feedback will form part of the formal assessment of progress for all students.

Physical Sciences (PS)

Research student progress is reviewed after the second year of research. Assessment involves a research presentation, a summary of skill development activities and an interview.