“My Research will help to reduce the cost of construction and the carbon footprint of steel-based reinforced concrete structures on the environment.”

“My Research is focused on using natural fibres as an alternative to the environmentally harmful steel based concrete reinforcement. The mining process and use of steel in construction is expensive and contributes up to 200 million metric tonnes of global carbon dioxide to the atmosphere annually. This is crucial from both environmental and economic perspectives. Natural fibres, particularly those of vegetative origin, are cheap, readily available, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Also, due to the light weightiness of natural fibres, the resulting concrete structure is believed to have improved dynamic properties against earthquake ground vibrations, thereby implying enhanced safety for occupants during seismic events. In addition, my work will help to reduce the impact of carbon emission associated with conventional reinforced concrete on the environment and also reduce construction cost."

“I wanted to be part of a University established in 1495!”

"I wanted a University that could provide an international experience. I researched the University of Aberdeen and discovered that they are home to students from over 120 countries, hence making Aberdeen an ideal place to network, make friends and share ideas with brilliant minds. One of the most striking things for me when I was researching was the year the University was established. I wanted to be part of an institution established in 1495!"

“I believe that I wouldn’t have found a better place than Aberdeen.”

"I have phenomenal support from my supervisors (Dr Osofero and Dr Kartal) and laboratory staff. My research involves a lot of experiments and the machines and equipment here are suitable for me. For my current research, I believe that I wouldn’t have found a better place to study than Aberdeen."

“I am looking at creating a spin out company in order to help my research add value to society.”

"By the end of my degree I hope to have achieved standard design procedure for the use of environmentally friendly reinforced concrete. Once I have graduated I have a number of plans. I am looking at creating a spin out company in order to help my research add value to society. I am also passionate about teaching, whether that happens in the UK or back home in Nigeria.”