Marginal dialects: Scotland, Ireland and beyond. ISBN: 978-0-9566549-0-8

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Series Introduction                                                                                                                                            


Robert McColl Millar, Linguistic marginality in Scotland: Scots and Gaelic            

Yuri Yerastov,  Done, finished, and started as reflexes of the Scottish transitive be perfect in North America: their synchrony, diachrony, and current marginalisation

Carolina Amador-Moreno, Writing from the margins: Donegal English invented/imagined

Akinmade T. Akande and L. Oladipo Salami, Use and Attitudes towards Nigerian Pidgin English among Nigerian University Students.

Daniel Redinger, Language Planning and Policy on Linguistic Boundaries: the case of Luxembourgish

Franca Ferrari-Bridgers, The Ripano dialect: towards the end of a mysterious linguistic island in the heart of Italy

Maria-Pilar Perea, The Dialect of Alghero: continuity and change

Iskra Iskrova, French in the Caribbean: characterising Guadeloupean French

Michael Hornsby,  From the Periphery to the Centre: recent debates on the place of Breton (and other regional languages) in the French Republic

Picus Sizhi Ding, Phonological change in Hong Kong Cantonese through language contact with Chinese topolects and English over the past century


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