ESR Grant


Each ESR will receive a 36-month grant to cover his/her participation costs, living, travel and installation allowance, family allowance, as follows:

 Living allowance


 Mobility allowance

 € 600/month

 Family allowance

 € 500/monthc

 Total grant (36 months) a,b,c

 € 151,560

aThis amount is then adjusted through the application of a correction coefficient to the living allowance of the country in which the researcher will be recruited. bThe living allowance is a gross EU contribution to the salary costs of the researcher.

Consequently, the net salary results from deducting all compulsory (employer/employee) social security contributions as well as direct taxes (e.g. income tax) from the gross amounts. cThe family allowance will be paid should the researcher have family.

The cost of the PhD educational activities, as well as all expenses related to travels performed to attend schools, workshops, and network-organized events, will be planned and sustained by the network through the HORIZON 2020 MSCA-ITN grant (Institutional Costs). The ESR will be provided with office space and all facilities for his/her research programme.