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The University of Aberdeen School of Law, University of Aberdeen 
Taylor Building, EF07
Aberdeen, AB24 3UB 


Tania Loureiro was awarded and Elphinstone scholarship to conduct her PhD at the University of Aberdeen in the School of Law. Her current research focuses on the impact on families and individuals who have had received an imposition of a community sentence as an alternative to imprisonment in Scotland. Tania holds a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Psychology of Justice.

She worked as a Research Associate for the Parenting and Family Support Research Programme in the Department of Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University, where she was a project coordinator of a longitudinal randomised controlled trial. Previously she worked with Families Outside conducting research into the use of child and family impact assessments in court.  Building on this research, Tania continued her work with Families Outside and in collaboration with the Scottish Commissioner for Children and Young People, she conducted research into the experiences of children and young people who have had a family member sent to prison. With Families Outside and Barnardo’s Scotland, Tania also conducted research on the support available for families of people who have committed a sexual offence in Scotland.

Tania’s research interests focus on imprisonment, alternatives to custody, children's rights and the impact of sentencing options on families and children.

Tania is also co-leader of the Qualitative Research Network (QRN) group, University of Aberdeen. 



Research Interests

Tania’s research interests focuses on the impact of sentencing options on families and children.

Current Research

The impact of an imposition of a Community Payback Order (CPO) as an alternative to imprisonment

Research Grants

  • CB Davidson Grant (2017 & 2018)
  • Nominated by the University of Aberdeen’s Scholarship committee for the Scottish Graduate School for the Arts & Humanities (SGSAH) for an AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) scholarship – January 2017
  • PhD Elphinstone Scholarship from the University of Aberdeen - (2016-2019)Fellowship in Forensic Psychology funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme - March - August 2009
  • Research Grants:
    • Together with other colleagues I was directly involved in the preparation of a successful:
    • £150.000 grant from the Scottish Government to evaluate a parenting programme for perpetrators of Intimate partner violence at Glasgow Caledonian University, 2011
    • £2,683,666.00 grant from the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), UK for a Trial of Healthy Relationship Initiatives for the Very Early-years (THRIVE): Three-Arm Randomised Control Trial for Mothers Identified as Vulnerable in Pregnancy and their Babies who are at High Risk of Maltreatment.
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External Responsibilities

Peer reviewer of The Sheffield Student Journal for Sociology since January 2017