Solveiga Zibaite

Solveiga Zibaite
Solveiga Zibaite
Solveiga Zibaite

Research Fellow



Solveiga Zibaite is a social anthropologist. Solveiga joined the Academic Urology Unit in March 2022 and is currently involved in two projects: OPTIMA - Tackling Cancer through Real World Data and ICANBE - Improving the Cancer Fear of Recurrence and Psychological Therapies Pathway for Breast Cancer.

Solveiga undertook her doctoral studies with the End of Life Studies Group at the University of Glasgow. her PhD thesis is an ethnographically informed study of Death Cafes in the United kingdom using neo-tribal theory. 


  • MA Social Anthropology 
    2015 - The University of Edinburgh 
  • MSc Social and Cultural Anthropology 
    2017 - University of Amsterdam 
  • PhD Interdisciplinary studies 
    2022 - The University of Glasgow 

    Thesis defended, final award pending


Research Overview

Outwith the roles within Academic Urology Unit, Solveiga's research interests include neo-tribal theory, online memorial cultures and sociological aesthetics.