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I have had a career as an accomplished white water kayaker and educator and am a former world champion. I have spent twenty years sharing my knowledge and skills with others, leading and participating in wilderness white water expeditions and adventures around the world. In 2010 I co-founded and ran Watermark Experiences C.I.C for five years. A small non-profit organisation focused on providing training and development opportunities for young people through expeditions. From 2013-2014 during these expeditions and trips, I undertook collaborative anthropological research. This research explored the social principles shaped through shared experiences within a space of physical exposure in precarious environments. In sum this study explored the role that risk and direct engagement with the natural environment have in reformulating young peoples’ ethical imaginations away from dominant market values.

After the London 2012 Olympics, I worked on implementing the five-year Olympic legacy plan at the Game’s white water kayaking venue. My MA dissertation explored the host communities’ experiences of inclusion and exclusion to the neighbouring Olympic venue. As part of my fieldwork, I shaped and managed a kayaking program for the neighbouring estate, with the aspiration of creating sustained access for the host community to the benefits of the London 2012 Games and its venues.



Current Research

My PhD research considers how individuals with dyslexia come to experience reading through bodily and environmental perception by way of interactions with tools the environment and its terrain. Furthermore, it explores how individuals physical actions translate into modes of bodily inscription. In sum the research is concerned with how the bodily and environmental knowledge of dyslexics becomes shaped and how it informs those individuals’ experiences of reading and inscription beyond the written word.


  • 2013 – Ongoing: Co-investigator in anthropological research. Ethical Adventures in a neoliberal world. Extreme sports in education and the shifting moral landscapes of Western society. Collaborative research project, on ethics and education in adventure sports in the UK.

Teaching Responsibilities

2018 – Permanent: Part-time lecturer in BA (Hons) Adventure Education, School of Adventure Studies, West Highland College, University of Highlands and Islands

  • Social Theory for Adventure Education 
  • Critical Perspectives of Adventure 
  • Inclusive Adventure 
  • Research Skills