Dr Paul Davidson

Dr Paul Davidson

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Dr Paul Davidson
Dr Paul Davidson

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After graduating in Civil Engineering from Aberdeen University in 1979, Paul Davidson worked in the Construction Industry for three years. He then returned to academe, doing the MSc in Structural Steel Design at Imperial College in 1982, before embarking on further post-graduate work at Imperial, beginning with assisting for a year in the development of a British Steel teaching package for Steel Design which was issued free of charge to every UK University. He then did his PhD at Imperial, in collaboration with the UK MoD on stiffened plating in ship hulls, for which work he was awarded the Silver Medal of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. He became a lecturer in Structural Engineering at Imperial and the Programme Manager for the Structural Steel Design MSc. In 1998 he returned to Aberdeen  University as a Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering. He works extensively with Industry as a consultant, including with the Oil and Gas Industry, and as an expert witness in legal cases. His personal interests can be summed up as the sea, the sky and the hills, being a part time creel-boat fisherman, student pilot, and keen hill walker and hiker. He is married with 4 children. 



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  • Shahini, MF, Bagheri Sabbagh, A, Davidson, PC & Mirghaderi, SR 2018, Cold-formed steel bolted moment-resisting connections with friction-slip mechanism for seismic areas. in International Specialty Conference on Cold-Formed Steel Structures (CCFSS, 2018). Wei-Wen YU International Specialty Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, United States, 7/11/18.
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