Dr Mary Kynn
Dr Mary Kynn

Dr Mary Kynn



I am a statistician and programmer with a multidisciplinary background in areas of mathematics, psychology, science and visualisation. I have 20 years experience in designing, developing and teaching courses in data analysis, statistics, quantitative research methods and epidmiology. I have particular pedagogical focus on using technology in education including digital puppets, virtual statistics projects, and custom designed learning materials with an embedded confidence based quiz tool.

I work collaboratively across disciplines, in particular with colleagues teaching into public health and cell biology. I developed of series of innovative, immersive 3D visualisations for use in a CAVE2 facility on passive and active transport across the cell membrane, insulin release by a pancreatic beta cell and action potential in a neuron (you can see a summary here: https://youtu.be/O2zemheUUzc).


  • PhD Applied Statistics 
    2005 - Queensland University of Technology 
  • Hons Applied Mathematics 
    1998 - Queensland University of Technology 
  • BAppSc Applied Mathematics 
    1997 - Queensland University of Technology 
  • BMmSt Multimedia Studies 
    2015 - Central Queensland University