Dr Mairead Black

Dr Mairead Black

Senior Clinical Lecturer

Dr Mairead Black
Dr Mairead Black

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 438437
The University of Aberdeen Room 6
Second Floor
Aberdeen Maternity Hopsital


As a senior clinical lecturer in obstetrics, my work aims to improve women's experiences and outcomes of birth, ensuring informed consent in the delivery of safe maternity care.

My research interests include intrapartum care, particularly the role and potential implications of caesarean birth. My Wellcome Trust-funded PhD Research reflected this through primary qualitative research, synthesis of qualitative literature, epidemiological research using multiple linked Scottish datasets, and health services research employing postal questionnaires. The high impact papers published as a result of this work relate to offspring health outcomes following planned caesarean birth and key beliefs which influence women's birth preferences after caesarean delivery.

My subsequent work has focused on understanding how to improve women's knowledge and involvement in planning their birth, utilising primary qualitative research, multi-stakeholder consensus-building and engaging with software companies to understand the possibilities through electronic medical record technology.

My research goals include identification of opportunities to facilitate positive birth choices, and to establish the optimal role of caesarean birth.

I am an honorary consultant obstetrician at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital with leadership roles in labour ward and obstetric risk management. I have been a member of the NICE Antenatal Care guideline committee since 2018 and the RCOG clinical studies group in intrapartum care since 2019.


Teaching Responsibilities

I lead the MSc-level course in Evidence Based Health which is delivered fully online. This teaches the steps in conducting a systematic review and how to implement evidence-based healthcare in practice. 



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