Professor Marco Thiel

Professor Marco Thiel

Personal Chair

Professor Marco Thiel
Professor Marco Thiel

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 273160
The University of Aberdeen Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology
Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics
Department of Physics
Old Aberdeen Meston Building Room MT 340


2004 PhD in Nonlinear Dynamics (Mathematical Physics/Applied Mathematics)

2004-2006 Post-Doc, University of Potsdam (Germany)

2006-2010 RCUK Academic Research Fellow (UoA)

2010-2011 Lecturer

2011-2013 Senior Lecturer

2013-2016 Reader

2016-        Professor


Research Interests

Applied Mathematics; Mathematical Modelling; Data Analysis; Dynamical Systems Theory; Recurrences; Mathematics of Distance Inequalities; Network Theory; Computational Mathematics

Current Research

Mathematical Modelling; Data Analysis; Data Based Modelling; Mathematics of Distance Inequalities;


Bjoern Schelter; Celso Grebogi; Geoffrey Robinson; Maria Carmen Romano; Klaus Lehnertz

Research Grants

  • ''Combinatorial Responses of Fungal Pathogens to Their Human Hosts: an Integrative Systems Biology Approach,'' A. Brown, G. Coghill, N. Gow, K. Haynes, A. Moura, M. Romano, J. Stark, and M. Thiel, SABR/BBSRC, 2007-2012, £5,750,000 (fec)
  • ''Ribosomal Traffic Flow on the mRNA as a Regulator of Cellular Protein Production: an Integrated Modelling and Experimental Analysis,'' M. Romano, M. Thiel, I. Stansfield and C. Grebogi, BBSRC, 2009-2011, £679,344 (fec)

Teaching Responsibilities

PX 4514 Modelling Theory
PX 5001 Project in Modelling Complex Systems
PX 5501 Nonlinear Dynamics I & II

TBC Data Science: from data to insight

Further Info

Admin Responsibilities

Deputy Director of the Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology



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  • Sommerlade, L, Mader, M, Mader, W, Timmer, J, Thiel, M, Grebogi, C & Schelter, B 2014, 'Optimized spectral estimation for nonlinear synchronizing systems', Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear and Soft Matter Physics, vol. 89, no. 3, 032912 . [Online] DOI:
  • Schelter, B, Mader, M, Mader, W, Sommerlade, L, Platt, B, Lai, Y, Grebogi, C & Thiel, M 2014, 'Overarching framework for data-based modelling', Europhysics Letters, vol. 105, no. 3, 30004. [Online] DOI:
  • Sommerlade, L, Thiel, M, Platt, B, Plano, A, Riedel, G, Grebogi, C, Mader, W, Mader, M, Timmer, J & Schelter, BO 2014, Time-Variant Estimation of Connectivity and Kalman Filter. in LA Baccalá (ed.), Methods in Brain Connectivity Inference through Multivariate Time Series Analysis. CRC Press, pp. 161–177. [Online] DOI:
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  • Schelter, BO, Thiel, M, Mader, W & Mader, M 2013, Signal Processing of the EEG: Approaches Tailored to Epilepsy. in R Tetzlaff, CE Elger & K Lehnertz (eds), Recent Advances in Predicting and Preventing Epileptic Seizures : Proceedings Of The 5th International Workshop On Seizure Prediction (World Scientific). World Scientific , pp. 119-131, 5th International Workshop on Seizure Prediction, Dresden, Germany, 18/09/11. [Online] DOI:
  • Ramb, R, Eichler, M, Ing, A, Thiel, M, Weiller, C, Grebogi, C, Schwarzbauer, C, Timmer, J & Schelter, B 2013, 'The impact of latent confounders in directed network analysis in neuroscience', Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences, vol. 371, no. 1997, 20110612. [Online] DOI:
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