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Leidy Laura González Bojacá is a PhD student working on Ogham and Pictish Symbol inscribed Stones in Early Medieval Scotland and Ireland, using GIS and basic statistical tools to explore the relationship between literacy, monumentality and space. This research counts with the support of the Leverhulme Trust and is under the supervision of Prof. Gordon Noble and Dr. Patrick Gleeson (QUB).

Born in Bogotá Colombia, she studied a BA in Anthropology from the National University of Colombia and graduated in 2016 with a dissertation on contemporary fantasy. It explored fantasy's representation of the human by analysing the state of classical anthropological themes and discussions in its narratives, taking as case study the worlds of Game of Thrones (HBO) and A Song of Ice and Fire.

In 2018, she moved to Glasgow and completed a MLitt on Celtic and Viking Archaeology where she worked on the creation and recreation of social space through stone monumentality, focussing on Early Medieval stone sculpture of Southern Pictland.

Her main interests surround the areas of religion, mythology and imagination, and their materiality; as well as an ever present inquiry into Western understanding of its own past.


  • BA Anthropology 
    2016 - Universidad Nacional de Colombia 
    Emphasis in Historic Anthropology
  • MLitt Celtic and Viking Archaeology 
    2018 - University of Glasgow 

Current Research

[2018-22] [PhD] Ogham and Pictish Symbol stones. Exploring landscape, monumentality and literacy in the Early Medieval period through GIS.

Past Research

[2013] Ethnology of cattle herding communities in the region of Los Llanos, Colombia.

[2016] [BA] Fantasy in Mainstream media and its exploration of classical anthropological themes.

[2017] History of psychology and psychiatry in Colombia.

[2018] [MLitt] Pictish stone sculpture in Southern Pictland and its relationship with landscape creation/resignification.


Knowledge Exchange

[2019] SMA Student Colloquium, Exeter - New insights from Pictish Symbol Stones’ distribution: Literacy and Identity 200AD – 900AD

[2021] GIF Con, Glasgow. - Archetypes of the Frontier and Non-western Voices, Magic Realism in the Amazonian Forest.