Dr Jenny Gregory

Dr Jenny Gregory

Lecturer (Scholarship)

Dr Jenny Gregory
Dr Jenny Gregory

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 437549
The University of Aberdeen Room 2.23
Institute of Medical Science,
School of Medicine,
Medical Sciences & Nutrition,
AB25 2ZD



My main research interests lie in understanding how bone shape and structure changes with exercise disease and disuse , particularly using biomedical image analysis techniques and the use of data analytics in measurement of physical activity.

More details can be found through the research pages on this web site.


Teaching Responsibilities

SR2002 - The Science of Sports Performance - Course Coordinator
SR2501 - Exercise and health - Course Coordinator
BM4009 - Staying Alive - Adaptation in Physiological Systems - Joint Course Coordinator
AN3503 - Biological Imaging - Joint Course Coordinator

BP5505 - Medical Image Processing & Analysis
PU5537 - Clinical Nutrition
PU5539 - Assessment of Nutritional Status
SM1501 - The Cell
SM2501 - Research Skills for Medical Sciences (Theme Leader)
SR3508 - Clinical Exercise Physiology
SR4007 - Research Topics In Sports Science






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