Professor Haina Zhang

Professor Haina Zhang
Professor of Management

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Professor Haina Zhang
Professor Haina Zhang

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work +44 (0)1224 274266
The University of Aberdeen Business School,
MacRobert Building Office 821,
University of Aberdeen,
Aberdeen, AB24 5UA,
Scotland, UK


Dr Haina Zhang is Dean and Head of School and Professor of Management in the Business School of University of Aberdeen. She has a PhD in Management from the University of Otago. She worked in Lancaster University Management School and the University of Glasgow’s Adam Smith Business School before moving to University of Aberdeen and she was Director of Internationalisation prior to taking up the role of Dean of Unversity of Aberdeen Business School. Haina has extensive international research and teaching experience and has led a wide range of international research projects involving collaborations with overseas institutions and businesses and has also published research findings in world-recognised journals as well as serving in editorial roles across high-impact international journals.

Her research interest focuses on international management, organizational behaviour, human resource management, and leadership. She has published her research in the leading journals, including in the Journal of Management, Human Resource Management, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Journal of Vocational Behaviour, Journal of Business Ethics and Asia Pacific Journal of Management. She is currently leading an interdisciplinary research project funded by SFC GCRF, studying organizational resilience to tackle grand challenges in the contemporary world.


Research Overview

My research primarily focuses on providing an ontological understanding of human practices in organizations and business through an interdisciplinary theoretical lens and methodological approach (i.e., integrating areas of philosophy, sociology, psychology, and business management). I am interested in investigations of cultural and/or institutional impacts on organizational behaviours, leadership approaches, and entrepreneurial activities.

My work also uses mixed methods, i.e., both qualitative and quantitative methods, to study individual performance both at workplace and family domain through empirically examining human psychology, organizational behaviours and leadership. My work, with these methodological approaches, also examines organizational performance in relations to innovation approaches and leadership practices.



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  • Corporate religiosity and individual decision on conducting entrepreneurial activity: The contingent effects of institutional environments in China

    Zhang, F., Zhang, H., Bell, G. G.

    Asia Pacific Journal of Management, pp. 1-24

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • Cognitive diversity and innovative work behaviour: The mediating roles of task reflexivity and relationship conflict and the moderating role of perceived support

    Chen, X., Liu, J., Zhang, H., Kwan, H. K.

    The Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, vol. 92, no. 3, pp. 671-694

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • Making a difference: Thoughts on management scholarship from the editorial team

    Kastanakis, M., Robinson, S., Tsalavoutas, Y., Fernando, M., Jonczyk, C., Stettner, U., Thanos, I., Aharonson, B., Potočnik, K., Zhang, H., Erz, A., von Wallpach, S., Diedrich, A., Leupold, C. R., Breen, L.

    European Management Journal, vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 245-250

    Contributions to Journals: Editorials

  • Crossover effects of servant leadership and job social support on employee spouses

    Yang, Z., Zhang, H., Ho Kwong, K., Chen, S.

    Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 147, no. 3, pp. 595-604

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • Engaging ‘the emerging now’: An alternative ontology of entrepreneurial leadership practice

    Zhang, H., Cone, M.

    Research Handbook on Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Harrison, R., Leitch, C. (eds.). Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 65-86, 22 pages

    Chapters in Books, Reports and Conference Proceedings: Chapters

  • Hostile attribution bias and negative reciprocity beliefs exacerbate incivility’s effects on interpersonal deviance

    Wu, L., Zhang, H., Chiu, R. K., Kwan, H. K., He, X.

    Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 120, no. 2, pp. 189-199

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • Working in Chinese firms

    Zhang, H., Everett, A. M.

    Dynamics of International Business. Ramburuth, P., Stringer, C., Serapio, M. (eds.). Cambridge University Press, pp. 152-161, 10 pages

    Chapters in Books, Reports and Conference Proceedings: Chapters

  • A Social Network Perspective on Relationship Management in the Human Resource Outsourcing Network: Examining the Moderating Impact of HR Task Interdependence

    Yan, M., Francesco, A. M., Zhang, H., Chen, Y.

    Human Resource Management, vol. 52, no. 4, pp. 585-606

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

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