Mrs Gillian Milne

Mrs Gillian Milne
Mrs Gillian Milne
Mrs Gillian Milne


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+44 (0)1224 437447
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Microscopy & Histology Facility

Institute of Medical Sciences


Office 1.58 IMS


School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition


I started working at the University as a graduate in 2003 in Ophthalmology carrying out Histological preparations.  From there I then joined the Microscopy & Histology Core Facility in 2006. 

I specialise in Histology and Transmission Electron Microscopy and have worked with a wide variety of samples (yeast, honey bees, whale, algae to name a few).  I am experienced in a wide variety of techniques; high pressure freezing, freeze substitution, microwave processing, resin embedding (for both light & electron microscopy), ultramicrotomy plus histological techniques including paraffin processing, snap freezing, sectioning and staining.

I am currently developing techniques for Correlative Microscopy and Array Tomography.




  • BSc Hons Genetics (Immunology) 
    2003 - University of Aberdeen 

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Fellow of Royal Microscopy Society


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