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Office 3:20, Institute of Medical Sciences, Forsterhill Campus, Aberdeen, AB25 2ZD.

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I studied Pharmacy at the University of Jordan. As an academic achievement, I realized that this degree is not sufficient for me, and I need to acquire more knowledge and dig more in the extensive path of health and medicine. Hence, I applied for a thesis-based MSc programme in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical sciences at Petra University, Jordan.

My Master’s programme was 2 semesters of class-based lectures and 3 semesters of laboratory work. My thesis was about the hepatoprotective effect of Vitamins C, E and B12 and their combination against Acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity. Thankfully, I graduated with a distinctive degree by possessing the first rank in my master program.

For 3 years, I had worked as a teaching assistant and laboratory instructor at the department of Pharmacy in the University of Jordan. I worked in the analytical, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical organic chemistry and microbiology laboratories. I passionately liked my job and found myself so productive and compassionate in the laboratory and research field.

Currently, I am a PhD student at the University of Aberdeen, conducting my research on targeting soluble CTLA-4 as a promising cancer immunotherapy and trying to identify its role and mechanism in intrinsic cell regulation, under the supervision of Dr Frank Ward and Dr Rasha Abu-Eid. I was awarded the Elphinstone scholarship to conduct my project.

I possess a big dream in helping people, in the sense of treating their ailments and in finding novel drugs for some fatal diseases, like cancer. I like to be that person who can serve the community and be able of raising awareness, developing therapeutic techniques and spreading peace among people.


Research Overview

Interested in cancer studies, cancer immunotherapy, immune checkpoints and immune regulation.

Also interested in liver disease studies, hepatotoxicity and hepatoprotection.

Current Research

Analysis of intracellular soluble CTLA-4 and its contribution to intrinsic cell regulation. PhD project.