Dr Eve Wildman

Dr Eve Wildman
Dr Eve Wildman

Dr Eve Wildman

BSc Hon (Aberdeen) PhD (Aberdeen)



Research Overview

Solid-state ionic conductors form the heart of electrochemical devices such as solid oxide fuel cells and all solid-state batteries. There are many advantages of using a solid electrolyte; including the miniaturisation of devices with thin film technology and reduced sealing difficulties. However, it is often difficult to maintain high levels of ionic conductivity at low to intermediate temperatures. Innovative research and development is necessary to produce new, high performance electrolyte materials at low temperatures. Eve's research focuses on the design and discovery of new materials for use in electrochemical storeage and conversion devices, with a particular interest in developing structure-property relationships by combining neutron and xray diffraction techniques with a.c impedance electrical property measurements and equivalent circuit modelling. 

Current Research

Powder diffraction techniques

Rietveld modelling

Local structure analysis using neutron scattering techniques (pair disctribution function analysis)

Solid state engineering

A.c impedance analysis

Equivalent circuit modelling



Funding and Grants

Carneigie Trust Research Incentive Award


Teaching Responsibilities

The co-ordinator for the second year inorganic laboratory (CM2519)

4th year undergraduate course - 'Advanced Ceramics for Energy Applications'


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