Dr Eva Krupp

Dr Eva Krupp


Dr Eva Krupp
Dr Eva Krupp

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Research Interests

Dr. Eva Krupp is a lecturer in analytical chemistry, whose expertise is the biogeochemical cycle of anthropogenic and natural pollutants. Her particular field of analytical chemistry is trace element speciation, a discipline which enables the determination of the molecular form of elements such as metals, metalloids and heteroelements in trace amounts in biological and environmental samples. The molecules of interest can be of low molecular mass range and purely of inorganic nature such Cr(III) / Cr(VI), or organometallic compounds such as methylmercury, arsenosugars, tributyltin. Also high molecular mass species such as selenoproteins or metalloproteins, or mercury and arsenic peptide complexes belong to this group.

Dr. Krupp's work focuses on the development of new analytical methods, involving the use of stable enriched isotopes both for the improvement of the analytical process or the use of isotopic fingerprints of elements and element species.

Her recent research is focused on the speciation of mercury biomolecules in biota, for example to determine mercury uptake and biotransformation in plants. Lately, she identified for the first time mercury-biomolecule interactions in rice (Oryza sativa), which may be a key factor to explain mercury bioaccumulation patterns in environment and biota.

Other fields of interest are the biovolatilisation of metals, e.g. from paddy fields or in landfill sites, and she also works in close relation with the oil and gas industry on the determination of trace pollutants in natural gas and gas products.