Dr Eilidh Duncan

Dr Eilidh Duncan

Research Fellow

I am currently accepting PhDs in Applied Health Sciences.

Dr Eilidh Duncan
Dr Eilidh Duncan

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Eilidh Duncan is a Research Fellow and Health Psychologist who has worked within the Health Services Research Unit since 2009. Her research interests include the i) the translation of research evidence into routine clinical practice; ii) the design and evaluation of interventions to change behaviour; and iii) the application of behavioural theory to trial recruitment and retention. She is currently undertaking a postdoctoral fellowship awarded by THIS Institute; 'improving healthcare through advancing the evolution of audit and feedback'.


PhD, Health Pschology The Robert Gordon University 2010
MSc, Health Pschology University of Stirling 2006
BSc Hons, Psychology University of Glasgow 2005

Research Areas

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Research Overview

Eilidh's research interests lie in i) the translation of research evidence into practice; ii) the design and evaluation of interventions to change the behavior of health professionals, patients and the public; and iii) the application of behavioural theory to trial recruitment and retention.

Links to Eilidh's recent research projects are provided below;





Current Research

  • THIS Institute funded postdoctoral fellowship exploring how to advance the science on audit and feedback (which is any summary of clinical performance of healthcare provided over a specified period of time) to improve healthcare quality and safety
  • TRiaDS programme (Translating Research into Practice: Guidance-based Implementation of Dental Evidence; funded by NHS Education for Scotland) https://www.abdn.ac.uk/hsru/what-we-do/research/projects/triads-444.php
  • Contributing to behavioural theory in trials research for the CGALL, STEER, and REBOA trials




  • TRiaDS (Translation Research in a Dental setting): a multidisciplinary research group that has been formed to develop a programme of knowledge transfer research embedded within the SDCEP guidance development process; it has public, academic, political and professional members. http://www.triads.org.uk/about-triads/
  • IMAGINE (IMpact Assessment of Guidelines Implementation and Education): a European-wide collaboration involving the European Academic Urology guidelines office and experts in urology, implementation science, and health services research and delivery.





My current supervision areas are: Applied Health Sciences.

Current PhD project supervision:

Shazia Yousuf (2018-Current; co-supervisor), Elphinstone PhD Candidate. Development of a core outcome set for antimicrobial stewardship intervention studies.

Taylor Coffey (2019-Current; co-supervisor). Improving clinical trial recruitment and retention through behavioural interventions.

Jennifer Dunsmore (2020-Current; co-supervisor)

Previous PhD project supervision:

Fingleton, N. 2016. Dependence and misuse of over-the-counter medicines: an exploration of patients' and professionals' perceptions, experiences and management.

Insitute of Applied Health Sciences MSc research project supervision 

Research Funding and Grants

Duncan EM. Improving healthcare through advancing the evolution of audit and feedback. THIS Institute. £217,959. [01/12/18 - 31/08/22].

Duncan EM, Ramsay C. Primary care - Improved data for improved outcomes. Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre (SISCC). £34,612. [01/07/19 - 31/12/20].

Beaton L, Clarkson J, Cassie H, Duncan EM, Goulao B, Young L. Co-designing national clinical audits to improve population oral health. Chief Scientist Office. £33,616. [01/04/20 - 01/10/20].

Brehaut J, Marlin S, Duncan E, Fergusson D, Gillies K, Graham I, Grimshaw J, Hey  S, Presseau J, Ramsay C, Rodger, M, Taljaard M, Weijer C, Gordon J, MacLennan G, Richards D, Mei-Lin Y, Inglis J. Using behavioural science to understand and improve participation in clinical trials. Canadian Institute for Health Research Project Grant. $963,900. [01/04/20 - 30/03/24].

MacLennan S, MacLennan SJ, N'Dow J, De Bruin M, Duncan EM, Ahmad S, Dimitropoulis K. Understanding the barriers and facilitators to treating non-muscle invasive bladder cancer patients in line with best practice recommendations: an exploratory study of six critical cases. Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund. £19,307. [01/11/2017 - 30/04/2018].

Fingleton N, Matheson C, Watson M, Francis J and Duncan EM.  Dependence and misuse of over-the-counter medicines: an exploration of patients’ and professionals’ perceptions, experience and management.  Society for the Study of Addiction. PhD Studentship (N Fingleton).  £56525. [01/10/12 – 30/9/2015].


Teaching Responsibilities

Eilidh supervises post-graduate students at both Masters and PhD level.  



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  • Junior doctors' perceptions of their self-efficacy in prescribing, their prescribing errors and the possible causes of errors

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    Contributions to Journals: Articles

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    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • Clinical components and associated behavioural aspects of a complex healthcare intervention: Multi-methods study of selective decontamination of the digestive tract in critical care

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    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • Perceived causes of prescribing errors by junior doctors in hospital inpatients: a study from the PROTECT programme

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    BMJ Quality & Safety, vol. 22, no. 2, pp. 97-102

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • Reflections on the development of a career in health psychology research: an interview with Dr Eilidh Duncan

    McCleary, N., Duncan, E.

    Health Psychology Update, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 42-45

    Contributions to Journals: Comments and Debates

  • Learning curves, taking instructions, and patient safety: using a theoretical domains framework in an interview study to investigate prescribing errors among trainee doctors

    Duncan, E. M., Francis, J. J., Johnston, M., Davey, P., Maxwell, S., McKay, G. A., McLay, J., Ross, S., Ryan, C., Webb, D. J., Bond, C., Study Group, P.

    Implementation Science, vol. 7, pp. 86

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

  • Which Components of Interventions are Reported in Titles and Abstracts?: A Systematic Review to Compare Reporting Practices for Pharmacologic and Non-pharmacologic Interventions

    McCleary, N., Duncan, E., Stewart, F., Francis, J. J.

    33rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Clinical Trials, pp. 477

    Contributions to Journals: Abstracts

  • Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE) in routine clinical practice: who benefits?

    Keen, A. J. A., Duncan, E., McKillop-Smith, A., Evans, N. D., Gold, A. E.

    Diabetic Medicine, vol. 29, no. 5, pp. 670-676

    Contributions to Journals: Articles

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