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Dr Daniel Paget
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I grew up in Somerset and studied at Somervale School. I read Philosophy, Politics and Economic at Balliol College, the University of Oxford. I took a Masters in African Studies at the University of Oxford. Finally, I undertook a doctorate in Politics at the University of Oxford.


I worked for three years as a Senior Researcher and Editor at RCS Global. I was a teaching assistant at the University of Oxford while studying for my doctorate. After completing my doctorate, I held the post of Teaching Fellow at the School of Oriental and African Studies and University College London.

I have worked as a consultant throughout this period. I have done work for International IDEA, BBC Media Action and DFID, among others.

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Research Overview

I read and write on the politics of Tanzania.

I specialise in political communication. In particular, I focus on the extraordinary importance of mass rallies. I argue that many election campaigns - in Tanzania, elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, and elsewhere in the world - are rally-intensive.  I am currently writing a book about rally-intensive electioneering, based on my doctoral research.

I focus in political ideology. I study political ideologies as discourses. I write on nationalism, restorationism, populism and elitist plebeianism.

I focus on poltiical parties. I study how parties organise. In particular, I focus on opposition party-building. I also study how political parties cede power to private financiers to raise funds as their election campaigns become more costly.



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