Dr Clare Cooper

Dr Clare Cooper
MA (Hons) Psychology, PGDip Psychol, Phd Psychology

Lecturer (Scholarship)

Dr Clare Cooper
Dr Clare Cooper

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 438095
The University of Aberdeen Aberdeen Health Psychology Group
Health Sciences Building
University of Aberdeen
AB25 2ZD

I am currently working as a Lecturer in Health Psychology with the Aberdeen Health Psychology Group. I previously worked as a Research Fellow on the NeuroFAST project, within the RINH Obesity and Metabolic Health group. I remain closely affiliated with the A.C.E Lab within the School of Psychology. The links for all these groups can be accessed below.


Current Research

Since November 2012, Clare has been a Lecturer in Health Psychology, within the University of Aberdeen Health Psychology Group. Clares research explores the role of emotion processing on health behaviours, with particular focus on emotion regulation and related processes. Much of Clare's research examines the relationship between emotion processing and quality of life, social participation and activity limitation within clinical populations. The role of emotion regulation in eating behaviour is a further field of interest to Clare.

Prior to working as a lecturer, in August 2010 after gaining her PhD in cognitive and health psychology, Clare was employed by the University of Aberdeen, Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health as a Postdoctoral research fellow and Chief Investigator on the NeuroFAST project. This particular work package with NeuroFAST aims to assess the relationship between workplace stress and eating behaviour in a large cohort of men and women across three different workplaces.  


Teaching Responsibilities

Current teaching and supervision responsibilities include;

Supervision; BSc Medical Science student; 4th year undergraduate Psychology student; 2 x Psychology PhD students (2nd supervisors).


MSc Health Psychology; Deputy programme co-ordinator

                                   Course co-ordinator; PU5524 Stress, Personality and Health & PU5517 Illness, Disability and Interactions with Healthcare

Member of the health psychology curriculum development and reform group.



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