Mrs Claudia Cunningham

Mrs Claudia Cunningham

Clinical Lecturer

Mrs Claudia Cunningham
Mrs Claudia Cunningham

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Aberdeen Dental School


Claudia Cunningham is passionate about dental education. She believes that providing dental students with an excellent education is essential in ensuring that future generations of dentists grow into successful life-long learners who share her enthusiasm for dentistry.

Graduating from Dundee Dental School in 2002, Claudia completed 2 years of training in general practice, paediatrics and community dentistry. She developed a skill for treating anxious patients with the use of relative analgesia, which led her to seek a role within the salaried services in Aberdeen in 2004. Claudia delivered general dentistry and led an anxiety referral clinic and in 2008 she was appointed as a Senior Dental Officer.

2008 also marked an important year for Aberdeen Dental School as the first students commenced their studies. Claudia was appointed as a part-time senior lecturer teaching communication skills. Her passion for dental education quickly grew. She undertook an MSc in Dental Public Health (2012, Kings College London) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education (2015, Aberdeen University). Claudia was appointed Theme Lead for Dental Public Health and Behavioural Sciences in 2011. In addition to this role she held the role of Year 3 Lead, Year 5 mentor and Dental School Assessment Lead (2014-17). 

In 2011 Claudia was appointed as an examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons (England) Licence for Dental Surgery examination, and was susequently appointed to the core group responsible for planning and delivering the OSCE component.

Claudia has continued to advance her career by undertaking academic speciality training in Restorative Dentistry. She commenced this training in 2016, which involves clinical training in Restorative Dentistry alongside a PhD in Dental Education. Her thesis topic is Admissions to Dental Education.

When she’s not working, Claudia enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. They love to travel the world on family adventures. She is also a keen artist and lino printer; and is partial to a spot of baking.