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I am a first-year PhD student at the University of Aberdeen.

My current research is on the museum visitor's experience of spirit of place.  Spirit of place is comprised of tangible elements such as buildings, landscapes, or routes and objects with the intangible elements of memory, stories, traditional knowledge, cultural values, or colours and odours. Together these characteristics give meaning and emotion to a place or object.

My first exposure to spirit of place was through my MA dissertation on the relationship between redecoration in historic house museum, authenticty, and the visitor's experience of authenticity. Each home museum has a unique spirit of place. There is a wide literature on understanding the meaning of spirit of place, its relationship to atmosphere, adaptive reuse, and heritage. My research will add to the literature by combining the specialisms of material culture, tourism, and visitor experience. I will be focusing my reserach in the Aberdeenshire region. 

Prior to coming to Aberdeen I worked as a museum education coordinator at a New Jersey historic house and living farm called Fosterfields and at the Liberty Science Centre in Jersey City. I have worked in both US and UK based collections, primarily in database organisation and cataloguing. 

I completed my Master's in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. During this time I volunteered with Leicester City Council's Arts and Museums. Primarily I worked at the Abbey Pumping Station as a documentation volunteer. This experience was my first into UK specific collections management and care practices. Additionally I volunteered and later became staff at the King Richard III Visitor Centre. I completed my MA with a work placement with Historic Royal Palace's Hampton Court Palace. This experience allowed me to continue with my interest in collections management and documentation.  

In my free time I enjoy reading history books, adding to my coin collection, going on walks and embroidering!


PhD, Museum Studies University of Aberdeen 2023
MA, Museum Studies University of Leicester 2019
BA, History Drew University 2017