Miss Anneli Lofstedt
Miss Anneli Lofstedt

Miss Anneli Lofstedt

Research Assistant



Anneli Lofstedt is a keen advocate for nutrition and building global healthier food systems. She joined the University of Aberdeen in 2017 for her PhD where she assessed the nutritional value of fish and fisheries in northern Europe. This interdisciplinary project, supervised by Prof Paul Fernandes and Prof Baukje de Roos, coupled data on the nutritional composition of northeast Atlantic fish species with novel fisheries modelling techniques to strive towards maximum sustainable nutritional yields. After her PhD, she joined the Rowett Institute as a research assistant and is working on a Scottish Government RESAS-funded study determining how Scotland’s production and food supply chains could be better aligned with consumption and dietary recommendations.



  • BSc Marine and Freshwater Biology 
    2016 - Aberystwyth Univerisity 
  • MSc Marine Environmental Protection 
    2017 - Bangor University 

Research Overview

  • Mapping Scottish food supply chains 
  • Optimising fisheries for human health
  • Establishing the relationship between length and nutrition content in fish

Research Areas

Nutrition and Health