Dr Alex Douglas

Dr Alex Douglas


Dr Alex Douglas
Dr Alex Douglas

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 272873
The University of Aberdeen Room 411, Zoology Building, School of Biological Sciences University of Aberdeen Tillydrone Avenue Aberdeen AB24 2TZ

Research Grants

2016- 2019

Piezophillic adaptationin deep sea amphipods. NERC. £421K.

Professor Stu Piertney (UoA) and Dr Alex Douglas (UoA).


2015- 2018

The genomic landscape of adaptive radiation in the Jaera albifrons species complex . NERC. £340K.

Professor Stu Piertney (UoA) and Dr Alex Douglas (UoA).

2015- 2017

Gut health and immune function: the emerging role of gut microbiota in sustainable aquaculture. BBSRC-NERC, £212K.

Professor Sam Martin (UoA), Dr Alex Douglas (UoA), Dr Petra Lewis (UoA), Dr Daniel Merrifield (University of Plymouth),   Dr Rachel Lawrence (Royal Veterinary College), Professor Douglas Tocher (University of Stirling), Professor Simon Davies(University of Plymouth).

2015- 2016

The health black box in PCOD. Understanding the onset of health impacts caused by disturbances. ONR, £260K.

Dr David Lusseau (UoA), Dr Alex Douglas (UoA), Professor John Speakman (UoA and Chinese Academy of Sciences), Dr Dorian Houser (National Marine Mammal Foundation, USA), Dr Patricia Fair (USDOC/NOAA/NOS/NCCOS, USA), Mark Styczynski (Georgia Institute of Technolofy, USA).

2015- 2018

Explaining niche separation in tropical forests: feedbacks between root-fungal symbioses and soil phosphorus partitioning . NERC. £521K.

Professor David Burslem  (UoA), Professor David Johnson (UoA), Dr Andy Taylor (UoA), Dr Alex Douglas (UoA).

2013- 2016

Genome-wide association mapping and landscape scale modelling of heritable ionomic diversity in Arabidopsis thaliana populations. BBSRC. £605K

Professor David Salt (UoA), Dr Alex Douglas (UoA), Professor Pete Smith (UoA)

2013- 2016

The human fetal liver: development and response to maternal drug use. MRC, £600K,

Professor P. Fowler (UoA),  Dr Alex Douglas (UoA),  Dr David Hay (University of Edinburgh), Professor John Iredale (University of Edinburgh),  Professor P.O’shaughnessy (University of Glasgow).




Teaching Responsibilities

I currently co-ordinate and teach on the following undergraduate and postgraduate courses:



BI3010 'Statistical Analysis of Biological Data'

BI29Z3 'Biodiversity Field Course'


Postgraduate Taught

MSc BI5009 'Experimental Design and Analysis'

MSc BI5010 'Statistics for Complex Study designs'

MSc BI5505 'Introduction to Bayesian Inference'

MSc ZO5304 'Population and Community Ecology'


Postgraduate Research

PhD 'An Introduction to R'

PhD 'An Introduction to Statistical Modelling in R'

Further Info

External Responsibilities

Admin Responsibilities

Current Postgraduate Students

Maria  Kamouyiaros

In collaboration with Stuart Piertney (UoA) and Iveta Matejusova (Marine Scotland - Science)

Application of DNA-based Methods: A toolkit for rapid Biodiversity Monitoring in the Marine Environment

MarCRF studentship


Munmi Phukon

In collaboration with  Adam Price (UoA) and and Gareth Norton (UoA)

Transcriptomics study of rice in response to alternate wetting and drying.

British Commonwealth Scholarship student


Nabilah Binti Mohamad Ali

In collaboration with Sam Martin (UoA)

Nutrigenomics investigations in aquaculture diet development

Malaysian Government funded


Panthita Ruangareerate

In collaboration with Adam Price (UoA) and Gareth Norton (UoA)

Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) for grain ionomic traits in rice (Oryza sativa L.) using a range of bioinformatics tools.

Thai Government Scholarship


Scott Rigg

The long term implications of meniscal treatments following cruciate ligament surgery in dogs.

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons fellowship Diploma


Previous Postgraduate Students

Campbell Pert (completed 2011)

In collaboration with Marine Scotland - Science

The Life cycle and infection dynamics of Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Kroyer 1837), on typical and atypical hosts in marine aquaculture areas.


Fiona Murray (completed 2013)

In collaboration with Martin Solan, University of Southampton

Functional contributions of benthic invertebrates to ecosystem process and functioning.


Davina Derous (completed 2017)

In collaboration with David Lusseau (UoA) and John Speakman (UoA and CAS)

Transcriptomic Analysis of Graded Caloric Restriction in the mouse.

CGEBM PhD student


Cara Green (completed 2017)

In collaboration with  John Speakman (UoA and CAS) and and David Lusseau (UoA)

Metabolomic Analysis of Responses to Caloric Restriction in mice.

BBSRC EastBio student


Martha Gavan (completed 2017)

In collaboration with Stuart Piertney (UoA)

Parallel evolution for immunogenomic diversity in insular populations – implications for zoonotic disease spread.

BBSRC EastBio student


Seona Wells (completed 2018)

In collaboration with Dan Mayor (NOC) and colleagues at Marine Scotland-Science

Response of temperate zooplankton communities to environmental change.

MarCRF student


Guanlin Wang (completed 2018)

In collaboration with John Speakman (UoA and CAS)

Signatures of selection and testing the thrifty gene hypothesis.

UoA and Chinese Academy of Sciences PhD award


Lu Wang (completed 2018)

In collaboration with John Speakman (UoA and CAS)

 Individual variability in response to diet induced obesity: Molecular Mechanism

UoA and Chinese Academy of Sciences PhD award



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