Oceanlab is equipped with one of the UK’s highest capacity hydrostatic pressure vessels. Commissioned for the University’s deep ocean research it is equipped with an insulated cooling jacket to simulate deep ocean temperatures if required.

Oceanlab is well-practiced at pre-test assessment procedures and client specific test protocols from working with longstanding clients and addressing new.


  • Maximum pressure 700Bar
  • Internal dimensions: - 750mm diameter, 1800mm depth
  • Vertically orientated working chamber serviced by a 2.5T x/y axis overhead crane.

  • The vessel lid has 6 ports through which hydraulic and electrical connections can be made.

  • A stock of blank portal covers is available for issue or the specifications can be made available

Blank Portal covers in Oceanlab pressure vessel lid.

Blank Portal covers in Oceanlab pressure vessel lid

Run by dedicated staff with a high level of experience in hydrostatic testing and high standards of safe practice, the certificated testing service has supplied the oil and defence industry sectors for the past thirteen years.

Oceanlab hyperbaric pressure vessel

Oceanlab hyperbaric pressure vessel