Environmental Chamber

Environmental Chamber

Votsch Industrietechnik VC4100


  • Test space volume: 900 litre (Width 1100mm, Depth 950mm, Height 950mm)
  • Temperature range: -40oC to +180oC
  • Humidity range: 10% to 98% (within +10oC to +95oC temperature range)
  • Temperature rate of change: 2.7oC/min. (cooling), 3.0oC/min. (heating)
  • Temperature fluctuation: <+/- 0.3oC (over time); <+/-1.0oC (spatial)
  • Humidity fluctuation: < +/- 3.0%

Temperature changes in the ocean and on land can affect the operation of hydraulic, mechanical, laser performance, electronic equipment and materials.

The Environmental chamber enables Oceanlab to supply towards our clients operational requirements and simulate temperature and humidity profiles.

Oceanlab environmental chamber