Biochemistry and biodiversity of marine algae and associated microbes.

Prof Frithjof Kuepper's. group focuses on the biochemistry and biodiversity of marine plants and microbes, especially in the context of pathologies, defence and stress.

We are particularly interested in oomycete pathogens and the metabolism of iodine and bromine in seaweeds, using an array of microbiological, biochemical, physical and molecular techniques.

For our studies on algal biodiversity and biogeography, we chiefly work in the Eastern Mediterranean (in particular, Greece and Cyprus), the Canadian Arctic and the South Atlantic (Falkland Islands and Ascension). Our work on this front includes scientific diving, algal culturing, and molecular biology.

The group has strong collaborative links to marine scientists in Roscoff, Greece, California and the Falkland Islands.

Current and recent projects

Current and recent projects from the Kuepper Group

  • Marine angiosperm tolerance on environmental stress: Physiological – cellular – biochemical – molecular mechanisms related to species and habitat diversity (THALIS)
  • Brown algal biodiversity and ecology in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (TOTAL Foundation)
  • Deep-sea ecosystem functioning in a changing climate: consequences of changing sea-ice cover for Arctic benthic ecosystems (Co-PI / lead PI: U. Witte)
  • Seaweed and oomycetes biodiversity in the Canadian Marine Arctic (TOTAL Foundation)
Recent news

Recent news from our research group and our worldwide expeditions can be found on our blog.

Selected publications

Selected publications from the Kuepper Group

(as of July 2014, out of 75 ISI-listed, peer-reviewed publications in total with > 2100 citations; h-index: 26)

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