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The University of Aberdeen Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen, Main Street, Newburgh, AB41 6AA, UK
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Jamieson AJ, Linley T, Craig J (submitted) Baited camera survey of deep-sea demersal fishes of the West African oil provinces off Angola: 1200-2500m depth, East Atlantic Ocean. Marine Environmental Research 

Aguzzi J., Fanelli E., Ciuffardi T., Schirone A., Craig J. & KM3NeT-Italia/NEMO Collaboration (2017) Inertial bioluminescence rhythms at the Capo Passero (KM3NeT-Italia) site, Central Mediterranean Sea) site, Central Mediterranean SeaScientific Reports 7: 44938. doi:10.1038/srep44938

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Craig J. (2014) Deep-sea scavenging fish and invertebrates of the Angolan margin: Block 18 (Report for BP Angola), 49pp. University of Aberdeen.

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Craig J (2012) Distribution of deep-sea bioluminescence across the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Mediterranean Sea: relationships with surface productivity, topography and hydrography. PhD Thesis, University of Aberdeen


Craig J., D. Bailey, R. O'Brien, B.J. Bett, G. Rowe, D.O.B. Jones, H. Ruhl, M. Vardaro, S.J. Chalmers, J.R. Polanski, P. de Susanne, S. Pereira Costa, (February 2017) A 5-year time-lapse study of bioturbation activity in a deep-water oil province (SE Atlantic, 1400 m water depth). Marine Imaging Workshop 2017, Kiel, Germany

Craig J., P. Bagley, D.M. Bailey, B. J. Bett, S. Chalmers, J. Clarke, A.J. Jamieson, D.O.B. Jones, R. O’Brien, I.G. Priede, J. Polanski, G. Rowe, H.A. Ruhl, B.B. Sangolay, K. Smith, A. Walls, (April 2015) DELOS: Deep-Ocean Environmental Long-term Observatory System. Innovation meets industry: FixO3 Technology Cluster Workshop. Ocean Business 2015, Southampton, UK

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Craig J, Jamieson AJ, Heger A, Hutson R, Priede IG. (March 2009) Deep Sea Bioluminescence: Benthic Hotspots v. Pelagic Drivers. HERMES Final Meeting, Carvoeiro, Faro, Portugal

Craig J, Jamieson AJ, Heger A, Zuur A, Priede IG. (April 2008) Distribution of bioluminescence in the Mediterranean Sea and predicted effects on a neutrino telescope. International Workshop on a Very Large Volume Neutrino Telescope for the Mediterranean Sea (VLVnT08), Toulon, Var, France

Current and recent projects

2013-2017: EU FP7. Fixed Point Open Ocean Observatories Network (FixO3). Lampitt, RS. et al, Aberdeen partners: Chalmers, S., Jamieson, AJ., Craig, J.

2013:Scottish Sensor Systems Centre (S3C) and AkerSolutions. Environmental Monitoring Observatory (eCON) Jamieson, A.J., & Craig, J.

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